Customise your next bathroom design project with Timberline’s extraordinary range of vanity options.

It’s not as hard as it sounds – despite such a colossal number of customisable options, we’ve made your specifying job easy.

Any of our vanity designs are available in a huge range of colours, handles, basins, tops styles and layouts. Mix these options together and you can design a different and unique vanity for every human on the planet and have 2 billion vanities left over…

How do we make it easy? Check out our online Visualiser where you can literally see every one of these 9.5 billion options at a click of a few buttons. Check out the retail pricing and download sizes and details. Clip the image an pop it into your specification – bam, you’re done!

And there’s more… surely if we can make 9.5 billion different ‘standard’ vanities we can also do a completely custom designed one? Absolutely, if you have a project that needs something special we’re here to help.

There are good reason’s why Timberline’s vanities end up in prestigious locations like Shaynna Blaze’s Selling Houses Australia. (Like this project, and this one, and this one, and many more…) There a There are good reasons why they belong in your projects too!