5 Steps to confidently create a budget for your bathroom reno

Knowing the absolute total cost, and being confident that it isn’t going to blow out, is so important. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a reno on a tight budget for a rental property or your long awaited dream bathroom for your own home, either way you want to know where you’re heading with your hard earned dollars.

1. Contingency – don’t put it last, put it first.

‘Contingency’, what is it? It means you put aside some money in your budget to cover any unforeseen costs which crop up that you didn’t budget for. Many people don’t allow anything or don’t allow enough. Something is going to go a little wrong so you may as well plan for it. We suggest you allow at least 5%, or better still 10% of your total budget as a contingency.

2. Get written quotes, never believe the verbals

If a tradie isn’t able to give you a detailed written quote then perhaps you shouldn’t use them. Don’t just get a one line quote, ask for it to be broken down into exactly what’s included. And please, never, ever, just take a verbal quote. It is guaranteed to cause disagreements later.

3. Specifically, what’s not included

Once you have your written quote, there is nothing safer than to discuss exactly what is NOT included in the price. Does the plumber’s quote include installing the fittings like towel rails and toilet roll holders? Does the tiling price include tile trims? Have a good discussion about the quote and ask the question, “So what do you think I’m overlooking that I will need to arrange seeing as it isn’t included in your quote?”

4. Safety in using a one stop bathroom renovator shop

A sure way to confidently budget for your bathroom reno is to use a reputable one-stop-shop bathroom renovator that will do the whole project from start to finish. Yes, they may look a bit more expensive, but that way you know nothing is left to someone else and falls through the cracks. Please check them out carefully and get heaps of references from past clients.

5. Have a good drawing and brief

Perhaps this is the most important point. There is nothing that causes more confusion and cost blowouts than not being very clear up front with what you want. Do up a detailed sketch of how you want your bathroom laid out. Also provide a written brief of what you would like in your bathroom. That gives a good base for tradesmen to provide you a quote and brings clarity so that everyone is on the same page.

A good place to start building a budget is on Timberline’s online Bathroom Visualiser. Here you get to see what your choices look like plus check out their prices: www.timberline.com.au

Here is a quick checklist of what you may need to include in your budget:

  • Demolition & rubbish removal
  • Building work for relocating walls, doors or windows if needed
  • Plumbing: Installing new pipework for new locations of fittings
  • Electrical: Installing of new cabling for lights, power points, heaters
  • Plastering: Installing and finishing new ‘Gyprock’
  • Waterproofing
  • Tiling: Purchasing of tiles and trim
  • Tiling: Installing, grouting, sealing
  • Fittings: Vanity (Timberline of course!), Mirror/Shaving Cabinet, tapware, toilet, towel rails etc, bath, plugs, floor wastes, shower screen
  • Fittings: Installation of fittings (Has your plumber included fitting the towel rails etc?)
  • Painting
  • Any new decor products to may want to include soaps, towels, bath caddy, plants etc.

Click here for My Bathroom Visualiser

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