6 Tips for choosing a good bathroom reno tradie

Tradies. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, that’s who’s going to do your bathroom reno. Unless you’re the super DIY guru that is going to do it all yourself.

#1: Do you know a reputable one stop shop renovator?

There are some good ones out there. They will do the whole deal from start to finish. Help you with design and co-ordinate all the trades. If you can you afford the little bit extra this is a safe option for sure. You can get plenty of references for their work, hold them to a deadline and let them manage all the details for you. If this is your choice then you’re done – no point reading the next 5 tips! Go make it happen (but make sure you insist on a Timberline vanity!)

#2: Get references up front.

Don’t wait until you’re paying a deposit to ask a tradie for a reference. If they’re good they will gladly give you some contacts for recent jobs they’ve done like yours. Ask these questions. Did they finish on time? Did they fix any little issues without excuses? Would you get them back again?

#3: Tell them you’re a fussy customer.

A good tradie is proud of his work and will be glad to work for a ‘fussy customer’. You may think that they will push your price up if you set the bar too high. Not necessarily, it doesn’t cost more to do a good job first time than a bad job twice. 

#4: Be clear about what you want.

A sure way to get off sides with your tradie is to keep changing your mind. Draw up exactly what you want and make all your choices before the project begins. Changes halfway through will mean your job won’t get priority, no matter how good your tradies are.

#5: Get them talking to each other.

At the start of the project, have the tiler, plumber, electrician, carpenter and any other trades get together for a meeting on site. That way everybody is on the same page and knows who’s doing what. They can get each other’s contact details rather than you having to play broken telephone with questions and messages.

#6: Be clear about the timeline.

Ask the tradies exactly how long they need to complete their work. Write it down along with them. Then ask them if it is OK if you hold them to their promises? That way they will know that they can’t bulls**t you about when the job will be done. It’s all about clear communications and expectations.

We hope that was helpful. Talking about helpful, if you’re having trouble visualising what your new bathroom will look like, head to www.timberline.com.au and use the ‘My Bathroom Visualiser” to quickly choose the perfect designs and colours for your bathroom and see what they will look like in real life. Easy.

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