Australian made vanities vs imported, what’s the diffs?

Ok, so we’ve all got a bit of patriotism in us and where we can we like investing in an Aussie made product. It creates good Australian jobs and invests in the strength of the important manufacturing sector.

But where do you draw the line? How much is it worth to you and how much extra are you willing to fork out? Good questions.

Here are some great points of difference between an Aussie made vanity and a cheaper imported one.

What you see is what you get… um… not really.

Most often you’re buying a vanity based on its looks. Is the colour right? Do I like the handles? Has it got the right style basin? And these are all important points but equally important is the quality of the construction and hardware.

Once you have chosen a good looking vanity, you want it to look good and work well for years. So often a cheap imported vanity is made to look great but what you see is NOT what you get. Two really important points to check out are:

  1. The quality of the drawer runners and hinges: At Timberline we ONLY use European hinges and soft close drawer runners. Yes, our Silver collection does include a cheaper imported drawer runner but even it still has a European soft close attachment. The problem with cheap imported hinges and drawer runners is that they never last long and they can’t be adjusted as well. This means that very soon your doors and drawers aren’t going to be opening and closing properly.
  2. Lift the top off the vanity and have a good look at how the cabinet is constructed. With a Timberline (or most other Aussie made) vanities you will clearly see things like a solid back and good quality brackets and fixings. Cheap imported vanities tend to use thinner board, staples and generally lighter gauge fixings. The actual board used for making the cabinet is often also a lower grade. In essence, the cheaper imported fellow is going to fall apart or deteriorate much sooner.


How long do you want your new bathroom to last? I’m pretty sure not just 12 months! We recommend you find out the warranty period on the new vanity you’re thinking of buying. With Timberline’s Aussie made vanities cabinets (which is 100% of the vanities we sell😊) you get a minimum of 5 year warranty (on the Silver Collection) and up to a 20 year warranty (on the Platinum Collection). In other words, “we put our money where our mouth is!”

Take it or leave it

When you buy an imported vanity you don’t get any choices. You can’t choose your own handles, colours, combinations, etc. It really is take it or leave it. For Aussie made vanities, your vanity is going to get made to your order. Exactly how you want it. If you want a pink one with a black handle and a white gloss basin – that is what you get. You choose, we make. Simple. In fact, with all our colour, handle, basin, leg, size and style options – there are over 9.5 billion different combinations available out of the ‘standard’ options in our catalogue. If you can’t find one that suits your style then you are one tough customer! Haha – actually, we’ve got you covered too. We can custom make something to your exact needs. Send us a drawing and we can most likely make it for you just as quickly and cost effectively as one from our standard range. You don’t get that from a cheap import.

We could go on and on. But there is an old saying that pretty much sums it up. “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

Unless you’re buying a vanity to do up a bathroom on the cheap before you sell off a house, then stick with true blue Aussie quality.

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