Bathrooms – What’s hot and what’s not right now

Thinking of doing a bathroom reno? Want to know what’s trending right now?

Who better to ask than someone that eats, sleeps and drinks bathroom design… Timberline.  In years gone by we would be at every design show on the planet! ISH in Germany, Salone de Mobile in Milan, and the likes. Well, all that went by the by in 2020 didn’t it! But bathroom design trends definitely haven’t been standing still.

So, what’s hot and what’s not? Vanities and cabinetry are our game so we will give you some tips on this but first let’s check out some other elements in the bathroom.

What’s Hot

Shower Screens – the old frost glass screen is dead and buried (thank goodness) but the hot trend right now is curved shower screens. A single pane of glass with the top corner curved adds an element of class. We are also seeing an increase in fluted glass starting to appear in our bathrooms.  

Image Credit: Zephyr and Stone

Curves – they’re everywhere. Incorporate them into window or ceiling designs or add some flair with a curved mirror or shaving cabinet. Curved mirrors and shaving cabinets turn a purely functional element into a stunning design piece.

Timberline Church Shaving Cabinets

Tapware – they say black is the new chrome but gold is definitely coming second. It has gained tremendous traction and adds a real hotel like touch of class.  

And finally vanities: this is where you can bring all of this together with a statement piece.

Routed door details have made a grand entrance. Be that of the timeless classic of a shaker panel door or the trendy pattern designs mixed with bold colours. There is no better way to add real class to a vanity cabinet than to include a stunning design on the door and drawer panels.

Timberline Henley Vanity

Make sure your new vanity provides loads of storage space. This is a hot trend right now to ensure your bathroom is functional and not just good looking. If you have the room, compliment your vanity with a matching shaving cabinet and tallboy.

What’s Not

Poor bathroom layout – when thinking about your bathroom reno think about the layout and if it works for you. If it doesn’t then now is the time to change it so it can be more functional.

Cracked or broken tiles – one thing that is definitely NOT hot is cracked tiles. There is nothing that screams at you more than an old, shoddy tiling job. Mmmm…. Time for a reno?

That’s it from us! With house prices on the rise, there is no better time to invest in your biggest asset – your house. We look forward to being part of your bathroom renovation!