Why Choose Timberline – what’s in it for you?

You’re going to spend a lot of money on a new bathroom. Plus you’re going to spend a lot of time, hopefully, enjoying it once it’s done. Unless it’s just for a cheap rental property, I’m guessing you want this new bathroom to look great now and in 5 years’ time.

So how can Timberline help with that?

Top of the list is DURABILITY

Yes, you could go get a vanity off the shelf at Bunnings for $400 rather than Timberline’s entry level one for $800 BUT… I will guarantee you that the Bunnings ‘al-cheapo’ will not last the distance. The drawer runners and door hinges will fail within 2 years and it is highly likely the board used to make the vanity will not be moisture resistant and could start to swell. The new bathroom you just spent 1,000’s of dollars renovating or building will need repairing in a couple of short years. An Aussie made (like they all are) Timberline vanity on the other hand will have at least a 5 year warranty or even a 20 year warranty if it’s from our ‘Platinum’ range.

Then comes the fact that your vanity will be CUSTOM MADE to your needs

Perhaps that sounds expensive. Not so. Every single vanity from Timberline is custom made to order. Our factory is so efficient we can have your complete vanity manufactured and dispatched in only five days. Seeing as we’re making it to order that means you get to choose from any of our 30+ different cabinet colours, endless collection of handles and wide choice of basins. Perhaps you really need your vanity slightly smaller than one of our standard sizes. No problem for Timberline – we can do that for you at no extra cost! We believe that is how Aussie manufacturing should be – Fast, Efficient and 100% Customisable.

Which brings me to STYLING

Off the shelf vanities most likely come in either white, white or white… with no choice of handles or basins. Tell me, if you’re spending 1000’s of $$$ on a new bathroom, why shouldn’t you be able to pick some better design options? Imagine buying a new car and you could only pick a white one with hub caps rather than mag wheels? Seriously – you’re better than that. Did you know that with Timberline’s range of cabinet designs, basin options, colours and handles, there are over 9 billion different options you could create?!? All at standard pricing. Don’t settle for a boring white box – make a design statement.

And lastly, our customer service team

You might never need to call on us but the cool thing is knowing that if you need to we’re here for you. Got a ‘silly question’ you want to ask about our vanities? Give us a buzz, our friendly team are happy to help. And, if something does go pear shape – say your plumber chips the drawer front while he’s installing it – we’re happy for you to shout out for help. We’re not the sort of guys that will want every last proof of purchase and give you the run around. We’re always happy to give you some good old fashioned ‘we’re here to help’ kind of service. You won’t get that out of a 400 buck Bunnings vanity!

There are a bunch more reasons but that will do. I could tell you about our ‘Indestructor’ crates that our vanities are delivered in to ensure they turn up with no damage. Or how we can even match your vanity to a special colour paint. Or the fact that we’ve been in business for over 20 years and manufacture over 30,000 cabinets per year… Yep, basically we eat, sleep and breathe vanities so we think we do a pretty damn good job of it. 😊 You be the judge… P.S If you’re going to choose a good quality Timberline vanity here are some other great brands we recommend for the rest of your bathroom. Phoenix or Faucet Strommen do a great job with tapware and accessories. Caroma do a pretty good job with toilets or otherwise any toilet with a ‘Geberit’ flush mechanism should be reasonable.

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