5 Non-negotiables to ensure you add value to your home with a bathroom reno

You want to enjoy your new bathroom but also make sure it is adding value to your property. Here’s how:

Quality, absolutely non-negotiable

The quickest way NOT to add value is by doing a bathroom reno ‘on the cheap’. As soon as someone sees a towel rail that is half falling off (because it has cheap, shoddy mounting brackets)  the immediate assumption is that everything was done on a shoestring budget. For sure, the waterproofing will leak the vanity will swell…. On the other hand, when you’ve used great fittings, a brand name bath and a top quality vanity (aka Timberline) a potential buyer will rest assured that the reno was done with love and care. And see it’s true value.

Don’t be Timid, Be On Trend

Folk are so often scared to inject some designer touch. They’re scared it will go out of date or that a future buyer won’t have that same taste. Now, we don’t mean you should do something wild and crazy but including thoughtful, ‘on trend’ design makes a statement that you have put your heart and soul into it. You will hear folk say, “I may not have chosen that myself but it actually looks quite tasteful. They obviously had a design flair.” We may be a bit biased but, we think a vanity is a great place to show some flair. Why? Because should a future buyer not share your tastes it is a much easier item to remove and replace than the wall or floor tiles.

Pick a great tiler, even if he is a bit expensive

Perhaps it is just because we have such keen eyes for it but there is nothing worse than poorly laid tiles. You know, where the cuts around the doorway are wobbly, the grout lines don’t align, you nearly cut your foot on the uneven floor tiles and the silicone is all over the place. Please, do some reference checks on your tiler to make sure he is going to a great job. Ask him for some close up photos of his work. You don’t get a second chance to get this right.

Get the layout right

A bathroom needs to be a practical space. Spend time trying different layouts to ensure you’re making it feel as spacious as possible. Avoid conflicting features like a toilet that is right in front of the shower door. Or, a classic fail, the corner of the vanity being too close to the corner of the shower. Read our design guide called: “7 Point Checklist For Ensuring A Functional Bathroom Layout” to make sure a future buyer of your home doesn’t walk away from the deal because the bathroom layout sucked. Remember, if there is space, a double bowl vanity is everyone’s dream. If you can fit it in you’re on to a winner straight up.

Storage, because you need it

Everyone does it. You walk through a house and open and close every little storage cupboard. Not only is it practical, but every buyer loves it. Spots to store ‘stuff’. Especially seeing as designer vanities are getting more compact (think beautiful slim wall hung vanity) you need to include some extra storage in the bathroom. At least a smart looking shaving cabinet (with lighting preferably) and if space permits a tallboy too. You will be glad you did.

We hope that was helpful. Talking about helpful, if you’re having trouble visualising what your new bathroom will look like, head to www.timberline.com.au an use the ‘My Bathroom Visualiser” to quickly choose the perfect designs and colours for your bathroom and see what they will look like in real life. Easy.