5 Steps to designing your new laundry with Timberline

Renovating your laundry doesn’t have to be too hard or too confusing. Not with Timberline’s stunning range of modular laundry cabinets.

Grab a copy of our Modular Laundry brochure and follow these five simple steps.

Step 1: Measure your space

Do a simple sketch of your laundry and add dimensions of walls, windows and doors. If your cabinets are going to run from wall-to-wall make sure you get super accurate dimensions. You will also need locations of your plumbing pipes and electrical points.  Here is an example of the dimensions you need:

Step 2: Decide location for sink and appliances

You will need to position your sink above the plumbing points and your washing machine will need to go beside the sink to allow for the drain to connect. Your washing machine also needs to be handy to the powerpoint. In this step, you also need to confirm a location for your drier. This could either mount above the washing machine (stacked) or under the bench as shown by the two locations below.

Step 3: Cabinet layout

Once you have picked locations for your sink and appliances, grab a copy of the Timberline Modular Laundry brochure. You will find scale drawings of all the cabinet designs so you can clip them out and start placing them like a jigsaw puzzle. Use your dimensions to check what space you have available like below. Remember – to fill an exact size, we can make a cabinet slightly smaller as shown on the 600mm cabinet below. If you need a hand, head over to your nearest Timberline store, and one of their trained and friendly staff will give you a hand.

Step 4: Colours and Handles

You’re getting close now! Jump in and choose the perfect colours and handles for your new laundry. There are heaps of options available in the Timberline Modular Laundry brochure to make sure you get just the look you are after.

Step 5: Any accessories?

You will see there are some nifty accessories you can add to your laundry like a bin, hanging rail sink, and more. Check out the options in the Modular Laundry brochure or at your nearest store.

How easy was that! Your new laundry will be done in no time! After you place your order through your nearest store, Timberline will get your custom cabinets into production. In just a 3 or 4 weeks, your new laundry will be on its way to you. All cabinets come fully assembled so all that is required is a simple installation process.

What are you waiting for?

View the online Modular Laundry brochure here.