How long does a bathroom reno actually take

We all love watching the reno shows like The Block, The Home Team and House Rules. Yes there are sometimes tears and panic attacks BUT in the main they make it look so quick and easy! Can you really do a bathroom renovation in just a few days?

How long does a bathroom renovation ACTUALLY take?

Let’s be honest, a building or renovation project always seems to take longer than you planned (and cost a bit more than you planned). Within the Timberline group of companies we also own a modular building business. This means we’ve got our head around exactly what goes into building bathrooms seeing as we complete well over 200 of them every year. (aka we know what we’re talking about… ?)

Here is our realistic view of renovations timelines. This presumes you have the design of your bathroom totally decided and you’re ready to go…

– Ripping out your old bathroom
– Pulling up tiles
– Removing wall sheeting
2 days
Reconstruction (if required)
– Putting new wall framing in place
– Moving doors/windows
1 day
‘Rough In’ (Installing new plumbing and electrical)
– Putting new waste pipes in the floor
– Installing new pipework in the wall
– Running cables for new power point and light locations
2 days
Wall Sheeting
– Put up new wall sheeting
– Set/plaster joints
– Put up the cornice
3 days
Carpentry (if required)
– Hang door
– Install new architraves
1 day
– Waterproof floor and walls
2 days
– Lay floor tiles
– Lay wall tiles
– Grout and silicone
5 days
– Painting of walls, ceilings and trim
2 days
Plumbing Fit Off
– Install your stunning new Timberline vanity
(aaahhhh gorgeous!)
– Install tapware and accessories
– Install bath
– Install toilet
2 days
Electrical Fit Off
– Install new lights and switches
– Install new power points
1 day
Shower Screen
– Fit and seal shower screen
1 day
TOTAL 22 work days


We think these times are realistic BUT they don’t allow for any waiting between the tasks. For example, if you have to wait 5 days for the painter to come once the tiler has finished, this time will add up! We think you could realistically allow another 5 days waiting time (yep you know how tradies work…).

So, how long does a bathroom renovation ACTUALLY take? This makes a total of 28 work days (a bit under 6 weeks) to complete a bathroom renovation.

Happy renovating!