How to create a bathroom space where you can relax and unwind

You lead a busy life. Up early, work your butt off, keep the house ‘on the rails’ then flop into bed at night.

Your day kicks off in the bathroom and no doubt it’s where you spend your last moments before bed. How can you make it a place where you can relax and unwind?

Here are three simple tips.

Colour, tone and texture

We all like our bathroom to be clean. Like, spotlessly clean. That’s why we tend to choose crisp white finishes by default. But that ends up being a bit clinical. Choosing some soft earthy and natural tones brings a whole new dynamic to the room.

A beautiful textured oak finish will bring you a direct connection with nature. Or the timeless beauty of a Carrara SilkSurface bench top takes rather than a stiff and starchy white basin.

Mood Lighting

When you dine out at a great restaurant how come they always seem to have the lights dimmed down? Yep – they’re getting you to relax and unwind. Why not in your bathroom. Timberline’s great vanity lighting options are a perfect way to achieve this in your new bathroom. 


Right – there is no better way than your best ‘chill’ sound track. Check out Timberline’s intuitive Bluetooth speaker that mounts right into your vanity and uses the entire cabinet as a reverberating sound board.

Can you see the picture in your mind? You’ve had a busy day, you’re frazzled. You step into your new bathroom and you’re greeted by beautiful soft natural timber finishes dazzled in soft mood lighting while your favourite sound track is softly playing in the background…. Your very own personal day spa. Zzzzzzzzzzzz……..

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