Making the best use of a small bathroom

Just because you have a really small bathroom doesn’t mean you’re going to settle for second rate design options. The powder room is often the most visited bathroom by your guests yet is often isn’t given the design attention it deserves.

Here are some easy ways to make the best use of a small bathroom space.

Small Spaces Vanities

Of course, we’re a bit biased when it comes to vanities… Here at Timberline we have a massive range of great looking small space vanities. Your little powder room or small ensuite doesn’t have to play second fiddle to your main bathroom. Pick a vanity design to make a bold design statement.

Mirror or Shaving Cabinet

Not only does a mirror add an extra dimension of spaciousness, it also bounces light around to make the room feel bigger. If you couple that with a shaving cabinet then you’re also gaining some valuable extra storage space.

Scale, movement space and door swings

Beware not to overpower a small room with one oversized feature. Try to keep everything in proportion. Remember to give thought to the space you need for turning around or opening doors. The worst mistake you can make is for your door to open knocking your vanity or toilet.

Light colours

Dark colours make a bold design statement, but they do make a space feel smaller. That’s why we suggest using light and airy colours which make a small room feel bigger.

Add artwork, plants or decorations

Adding some small but thoughtful decorations attracts the eye and creates attention. This is a great way to distract from the fact that the room is really small. Give your guests something creative to focus on rather than the fact that they have to be careful their elbows aren’t knocking the walls!

Happy designing! Check out our new brochure with our new small space vanity range here.