Welcome to the Timberline blog.

Welcome to the Timberline blog.

Choosing fittings and finishes for your new bathroom can be a daunting process. Here on the Timberline blog we will share tips and strategies for making your journey as enjoyable as possible.

Are you up with the latest colour trends? What is going to be the most functional design elements you can include? Have you seen the latest styling coming from Europe? This is where you will find answers to all this and more.

So, what’s on the boil for 2019?

Being in touch with Australia and Europe’s biggest design houses lets us predict this with confidence… here is where we think interior bathroom design is heading this year.

Muted and Pastel Colours: Colour is going to become mainstream. Accents will be used around the bathroom that include colours such as light mint green, duck egg blue, soft grey and (the one we think will top the list) gentle pastel pink.

Natural reality: Recent years have seen the increase in faux reality. Ceramic tiles that look like marble. Laminates that look like real timber. This year you will see that go to the next level with the advent of increased use of natural texture. No longer will a laminate just simulate timber grain having a rough surface, it will be impregnated with the silky feel of real timber and the corresponding variation of natural grain.

Geometric Patterns: Patterns are coming along in leaps and bounds. From subtle embossing on white wall tiles to a kaleidoscope of very bold colours. The breadth of choice in patterns is going to increase but we believe the common thread will be geometry.

Let’s come back in 12 months and see how accurate our predictions are?

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