Why go through all the heartache of a bathroom reno? Here’s why…

OK – so we all know this as fact: renovating a bathroom, particularly while you’re living in the house, is going to be a nightmare. Do you need all that stress in your life?

Here’s why the answer is Yes:

Return on investment, that’s such a technical term isn’t it but the fact is this – good bathrooms and kitchens push up house values. No arguments. If you invest wisely and design a great bathroom, you will always get your money back plus more with an increased value of your home.

Planning on moving house in a few years? Perhaps you think it isn’t worth doing a bathroom reno – you will just live out your old failing one. Hey, don’t be silly, you know it will increase your home value. Do it now and enjoy the new bathroom for the few years before you move. No point putting up with what you’ve got and then having to sell out for less. That sounds like a costly option to me.

You deserve it! You’ve worked your butt off to build up some disposable income. You deserve a bathroom to relax in as you prep for another busy day. Plus, it’s kind of cool to show off to your friends and relatives. Why not?! Short term pain for some long term gain.

OK, so you have a dodgy bathroom? For goodness sake, don’t throw good money after bad by trying to patch and repair it. It’s like having a piggy bank with a hole in the bottom. No matter how much you throw at it you’re still behind.  Just take the plunge and do it properly. You know that it will add value to the house. A patched up old bathroom certainly won’t.

And if nothing else gets it across the line, let’s play the safety card. Do you have a risky bathroom that is a safety hazard. An ugly step into your shower that you keep tripping on? A shower screen that looks close to crashing down on top of you? Don’t wait until you’ve paid for it in blood before deciding to get on with it. Do it before you hurt yourself.

Yes, we know it will be a stressful process. You’ll get over that with our help. The end result is what you’re wanting. Make a start today by looking at some outstanding design options on the Timberline Bathroom Visualiser.

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